Asgard Shield Mod [1.4.5]

Minecraft Mods — November 24, 2012, 1:15 PM


  • Adds shields and guarding mechanics to Minecraft. *Optional SmartMoving Exhaustion System*
  • Four shields can be Crafted, Upgraded, and fully Enchantable -Totaling 8 shields-
  • Zed Swords, Slash n Guard and fully Enchantable -Totaling 5 giant swords-
  • Addons:
    • Nether-Ender, two new tiers of equipment -Totaling 4 shields & 2 giant swords-
    • Hallowed, three new tiers of equipment- Totaling 6 shields & 3 giant swords-
    • Harken Scythe, a new tier of equipment- Totaling 2 shields & 1 giant sword- *Forge Only*


Requires: Minecraft Forge API


  • 1. Be sure Forge API is installed in your Minecraft.jar and Meta folder is deleted.
  • 2. Place in your .minecraft/mods Folder
  • 3. After first game load, feel free to tweak Item.IDs in your AsgardShield_Core.CFG file as needed. (Found in .minecraft/config folder)

Addon Install

  • 1. Be sure most current Asgard Shield Client version is installed in your Minecraft.jar.
  • 2. Open and drag Contents into Minecraft.jar.
  • 3. After first game load, feel free to tweak Item.IDs in your Asgard Shield Addon Config.txt as needed. (Found in .minecraft/mods folder)

Download Minecraft Asgard Shield Mod [1.4.5]:


Asgard Shield Addons (Forge)

Nether-Ender: Asgard-Shield-Mod-Addon_NetherEnder

Hallowed: Asgard-Shield-Mod-Addon_Hallowed

Harken Scythe: Asgard-Shield-Mod-Addon_HarkenScythe

Credits: Jade Knightblazer

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