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Here’s how it works: A clay soldier is an item you can hold in your hand. It is crafted using a clay block (for substance) and soulsand (for sustaining intelligent life). Specifically, one block of clay and one block of soulsand can be used to create four soldiers. Once you have a nice little pile in your hands (up to 16), right-click to place them all at once. They will quickly spread out and begin to roam the landscape. They walk slow and don’t jump very high, but they have enough arm strength to climb up a single block. Unfortunately, since they lack a decent skeletal support structure (or even skin, for that matter), their delicate figures can be horribly mutilated by even the weakest of blows. A player can cripple a clay soldier in just a single punch. So naturally, they aren’t hostile towards anything bigger than themselves. So, what in the world are they qualified to fight against? …Other clay soldiers, of course!

Clay soldiers have a team-based mentality. They respect similar colors of their race, and treat their identical equals as brothers. But when colors other than grey come into play, things start to get a little bit more exciting! You can use red dye, blue dye, green dye, yellow dye, orange dye, pink dye, brown dye (cocoa beans) or purple dye to change the color of your soldiers, and then set them loose to start a fight! Grey soldiers are peaceful unless attacked, but all other colors will rush in for the kill without mercy! Their natural hatred towards members of a different spectrum allows for a lot of exciting events to take place in your Minecraft world. Build giant battlefields, arm your fortresses to the teeth, and let your soldiers transform the earth into a sea of crumbled clay!

Clay Soldiers Mod enables you to create a soldier out of clay. Which will set on war according to there colors.

Clay Soldiers Mod (3) Clay Soldiers Mod (1) Clay Soldiers Mod (2) Clay Soldiers Mod (1) Clay Soldiers Mod (2)
Horses, Pegasi, Turtles, Bunnies and Geckos:
Clay Soldiers Mod 2 (4) Clay Soldiers Mod 2 (5) Clay Soldiers Mod 2 (1) Clay Soldiers Mod 2 (2) Clay Soldiers Mod 2 (3)

Clay Disruptor, Clay Cookies and Clay Nexus:
Clay Soldiers Mod 3 (3) Clay Soldiers Mod 3 (1) Clay Soldiers Mod 3 (2)


  • The colors are made by the clay soldier at the bottom and the determined color of dyes on top. Well they can war and kill each other, while you sit out of battle and try to help your team out by putting items on them. These are the items you can put on them, they are called customizing the soldiers, starting off with horses:
  • Horses: Clay soldier can mount them by right clicking.
  • *Note: You need to throw the item down on the clay soldiers to equip on them*
  • Stick: Used for weapons on soldiers.
  • Leather: 1 piece of leather is for a armor on the soldier.
  • Raw porkchop: Feed your soldiers!
  • Gold ingots: Declare the group leaders with these.
  • Lightstone Dust: Make them glow.
  • Sulfur: Explode upon death.
  • Sugar: Increases speed!
  • One lump of clay: Revive there soldiers!
  • When soldiers dies you can collect them and place them back into the battlefield! Non stop war.
  • Flint: Sharpened Sticks!
  • Redstone dust: Blind a soldier.
  • Slimeballs: Stop one soldier ( meh favorite)
  • Clay disruptors
  • Iron ingots: Makes a soldier strong!
  • Gravel: Ranged stone throwing!
  • Rod: Guide your army
  • Wood: Supply wood for them to automatically make them build houses!
  • Chests: they can open chests.
More Recipes follow this link

How to Download and Install Clay Soldiers Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

  1. Back up your minecraft.jar every time you download the mod.
  2. Download and Install Manager Pack, Minecraft Forge
  3. Delete META-INF.
  4. Test Minecraft make sure it isn’t a blackscreen.
  5. Then open start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>bin
  6. Open minecraft.jar by using winrar or 7zip.
  7. Then download Clay Soldier Mod .
  8. Drag all the files inside Clay Soldier Mod into the minecraft.jar opened by winrar.
  9. Play!

Developer: SanAndreasP

Download Minecraft Clay Soldiers Mod [1.5.1]:

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Clay Soldiers Mod 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.7

Clay Soldiers Mod 1.4.7

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