Grey Goo Mod [1.4.2]

Minecraft Mods — October 26, 2012, 10:55 AM

Updated for 1.4.2

This update primarily introduces the Destroyer Golem. While it is still not quite done yet, it is none the less cool enough for me to go ahead and release. The Destroyer Golem spawns when 6 TGDinert blocks (the ones that dont produce light) are made into a cross shape. This only happens, however, after TGD has bloomed. Restorer Goo, Liquid Goo, and Gravity Goo are on the way shortly.




  • To install, install modloader, and run minecraft once to generate the mods folder. Simply place the included .zip folder into the mods folder, located in .mincraft->bin->mods. Enjoy!
  • Compatibility with other mods is completely unknown, so test and tell me. It doesn’t modify any base files, and it comes with a config file to help with blockID conflicts, because it uses quite a few.
  • I also recommend backing up your saves, in case you loose control of the mean goos. They can get out of hand.



  • Complete rework of entire mod
    • Goos no longer craftable
    • Tier system
    • Manufacturing system implemented
  • Config File finally works, good grief.
  • Goos only activate on right click, sneak to disable.
  • Added machines
    • Homogenizer
    • Assembler
    • Compiler
    • Programmer
    • Coprocessor
  • Added matricies
    • one for each Goo Block
  • Added modifiers
    • one for each primary color
  • Added NanoLathe
  • Added NanoLens
  • Added Orange Red Goo
  • Added Orange White Goo
  • Added Orange Purple Goo
  • Added Blue Red Goo
  • Added Purple Red Goo
  • Added Green Red Goo
  • Switched to Forge
  • Under the hood changes, extensive

Download Grey Goo Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2:

Mirror 2

Credits: stevenrs11

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