Industrial Craft 2 Mod [1.4.5]

Minecraft Mods — December 16, 2012, 8:19 PM

This is it. IC², the future of IC. While playing it, you will feel right at home again, rediscovering most of the stuff known from IC.

However, once you get your machines running, you will quickly notice how smooth and well-designed everything works now.

Wiring is easier, batteries aren’t as twosided (on/off) anymore, new cables, rubber stuff, new machines, EVERYTHING was added.

Create obstacle courses of Metal Poles and Rubber-Sheets, explore the Nether with an Electrical Jetpack or blow up whole landscapes at once by using the Dynamite-O-Mote. Or discover the much more complex mechanisms of Nuclear Engineering, blow up your hut or burn your hands. Or grab the rusty ol’ Composite Vest, and start hunting Creepers with the new, all-mighty NanoSaber.



Requires: Minecraft Forge (This is the RECOMMENDED version. You may use different ones, but in that case bugs may occur.)

How to install:

  • First install all mods above, then just put the industrialcraft-2.jar into your ‘mods’-folder located in .minecraft
  • Do not unpack your minecraft.jar.
  • Do not drop the whole client or the downloaded archive into your minecraft.jar.
  • Do not forget to delete the META-INF folder if you didn’t delete it already.



  • Added loot – check loot chests around the world for tier 1 loot
  • Added cleaning recipes for painters (painter on a crafting grid)
  • Added energy level tooltips to electric items if NotEnoughItems is installed
  • Added ore dictionary versions of wood-based recipes, fixes issues with ExtraBiomesXL
  • Fixed ghosts, for real
  • Fixed zero fall damage with fall-absorbing armor
  • Fixed depletion rate for multi Uranium Cells
  • Potential fix for Nano Saber misbehavior
  • Fixed Miners crashing if mining a cable
  • Fixed Quantum Suit Helmets crashing when removing poison, Nightvision Goggles crashing when used and Terra Wart crashed when eaten
  • Fixed Jetpacks, Quantum Suit Leggings and Quantum Suit Boots not receiving key updates
  • Fixed climbing Scaffolds
  • Fixed unstackable empty RE Batteries
  • Fixed energy storage blocks not emitting redstone. May not work
  • Fixed sided inventory for machines
  • Fixed Pumps not handling stacked buckets
  • Fixed Geothermal Generators being able to run with any BuildCraft liquid
  • Fixed Miners placing items as invalid blocks when withdrawing pipes
  • Fixed Scrap Boxes and Dynamite not working properly on dispensers
  • Fixed Plantballs not being craftable with rubber leaves or saplings
  • Fixed Dense Copper Plates not using copper from the ore dictionary
  • Fixed drop chance for rubber saplings
  • Fixed CF Sprayers creating ghost foam blocks
  • Fixed charge level of the CF-pack upon crafting
  • Fixed Mining Lasers working as furnace fuel
  • Fixed Upgrades not appearing in the creative list
  • Fixed empty Electric Jetpacks being given from creative mode
  • Fixed parts of the network API not working
  • Fixed \”?\” button crash while viewing a scrapbox recipe in NotEnoughItems
  • Reduced EU per damage for the Nano Suit in an attempt to fix it being too weak
  • Internal changes to the network code to hopefully fix random crashes while playing
  • Wrenches defuse nukes, like the old days
  • Improved shiftclicking behavior for machines
  • Removed Treecapitator support for axes, under suspect that the new version does not respect the standard tool damaging hook. The author has been contacted
  • Added a little halloween surprise! (NanoZombies)
  • Added Carrots and Potato crops
  • Added a scrapbox drop
  • Fixed Hazmat Suits never breaking
  • Fixed Luminators causing ghosts
  • Fixed rubber tapping and foam painting being invisible to other players
  • Fixed emerald ore not being recognized by Miners
  • Fixed Copper and Tin scrapbox drops for non-IC2 ore users
  • IC2 items have their own tab on the creative list
  • Quantum Helmets take 5 times as much to remove the Wither effect
  • Removed particles for the Hazmat Suit and Nightvision Goggles potion effects
  • Added config setting to adjust the ore generation rate
  • API: Added the ability to specify the resulting drop from a wrench operation
  • API: Added IEnergyStorage methods to set energy and allow for teleporter compatibility
  • API: Added experimental event-driven energy tile system
  • Removed CraftGuide submodule. Uristqwerty is willing to continue it
  • Fixed sounds
  • Fixed Rubber Boots potentially making the user invincible
  • Fixed electric armor absorbing void, poison, starving and other damage it should not absorb
  • Fixed Ore Dictionary usage
  • Rough fix to energy storage blocks not emitting redstone
  • Fixed Toolbox crashing, once again
  • Fixed placing levers on transformers and storage blocks
  • Fixed machine upgrades potentially causing bad stuff
  • Fixed block shearing with a Chainsaw not using your batpack
  • Fixed Electric Hoe and Nano Saber unable to mine blocks
  • Fixed drills unable to mine anvils
  • Fixed Pump crash
  • Fixed Mass Fabricator explosions potentially leaking out of blast-proof walls
  • Fixed Nano Sabers activating for 1 tick when depleted
  • Rough fix to a Mining Pipe duplication bug
  • Fixed placing torches and rails on top of Scaffolds
  • Fixed anvil repair for tools and armor. Repair bronze tools/armor with a Bronze Ingot and Composite Armor with an Advanced Alloy
  • Fixed scanner behavior with metadata ores
  • Fixed Nano Saber draining armor with PvP disabled
  • Fixed Plantball recipes
  • Fixed Lava Cell burn rate on generators
  • Fixed Epic Squeeze and Pink Blob achievements
  • Fixed energyGeneratorSolar value scaling for values over 100
  • EU reader reads input, output and gain instead of simply energy conducted
  • Quantum Helmet refills food from canned food in your inventory
  • Radiation poisoning can kill you
  • Canning bad foods results in bad stuff
  • Scaled Wither and Poison removal energy cost to the potion\’s level
  • Bronze and Uranium blocks can be used as beacon base

Download Minecraft Industrial Craft 2 Mod [1.4.5]:

Jar: Industrial-Craft-2-Mod (Mirror)

Zip: Industrial-Craft-2-Mod

Credits: Alblaka

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