Iron Man Mod [1.3.2]

Minecraft Mods — September 29, 2012, 1:00 AM

Ever felt the urge to become a super hero? All the time? Well, now you can! At least in Minecraft… and we all know that’s real life!

  • Fly like an eagle!
  • Blow shit up!
  • Set Sheep on fire!
  • Jump super high!
  • Breathe underwater and swim with the squids!



  • 1. Download the Mod .zip file
  • 2. Download the latest Forge
  • 3. Place the file into the /mod folder inside .minecraft
  • 4. ENJOY!

P.S. if you need to change item IDs with conflicting mods, there is a config file inside the configs folder in .minecraft.

How to use:

The iron man suit but briefly:

  • z = arrows (make bullets later)
  • x = lazer (particle effects later once I learn how to)
  • c = massive explosion around you
  • v = set an area you’re looking at on fire
  • b = blow stuff up
  • space = fly
  • shift = glide

Download Iron Man Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2:


Credits: colossali

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