MultiWorld mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Minecraft Mods — January 30, 2014, 9:53 AM

Multiworld, a basic but functional Forge Dimension Provider. Gives a choice of different worldTypes, and adds a custom one with a choice of any number of biomes. Also allows old world saves to be imported as a dimension.

Minecraft MultiWorld mod
A dimension created using biomeCommands=allow:3,15,164
Extreme Hills (left top), Mushroom Island Shore (middle), Savanna Plateau M (top right)
Chat shows results of /multiworld 3 command to get info on this dimension (which is 3)


The Config folder inside Minecraft contains the file MultiWorld.cfg which is easily edited with any form of text editing program, eg notepad

  • options.dimensions how many extra dimensions you want this mod to add (defaults to 2)
  • options.providerId Provider ID, in case another mod conflicts (default 21)
  • worldTypeMW WorldType ID , in case another mod conflicts (default 7)

There is also a block of settings for each dimension generated

  • biomeCommands allow:*; to add all biomes. By listing their biomeIDs you can choose which ones you want, allow:3,0; would only add ExtremeHills and Ocean Biomes.
  • dimension_ID Stores which dimension is used, will auto configure to avoid conflicts.
  • isFullOverworld Use Overworld style world spawn and pre-generation of chunks (default false)
  • name Allows you to name your dimensions (default is DIMx where x is the dimension_ID)
  • worldType this is where you choose what worldType you want, see table below (default is mw:multiBiome)
Known worldTypes:
  • BOP Biomes O Plenty
    flat Minecraft flat world
    default Minecraft overworld
    largeBiomes Minecraft large biomes (as used on Minecraft servers)
    amplified Minecraft amplified
    default_1_1 Minecraft

To assist, a few chat commands have been added.

  • /listBiomes Lists all known BiomeIDs, and their names.
  • /multiworld List all dimensions generated by this mod, if you add the dimensionID it will list more info (eg /Multiworld 2)
  • /tpd x Teleport to the spawn point dimension x, which x is the dimensionID.

How to install MultiWorld mod for Minecraft:

  1. You need Minecraft Forge
  2. Open your minecraft.jar file. This can be found here: C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu. Once you have searched for “%appdata%,” you have to follow the same path as stated above. Open your minecraft.jar with Winrar by simply dragging the .jar into Winrar.
  3. Open the .zip/.rar/folder of your mod and drag and drop the contents into the minecraft.jar.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar. Close minecraft.jar.
  5. Open Minecraft and play!
  6. If your mod doesn’t work properly or you get a black screen at the Minecraft startup: You need Delete your minecraft.jar found here “C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”. Then Open Minecraft, let it auto-update so your .jar can be restord. Attempt to re-install mod (If you want).

Developer: fabricator77

Download Minecraft MultiWorld mod:

MultiWorld mod 1.7.2

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