Tale Of Kingdoms Mod for minecraft 1.4.7

Minecraft Mods — January 26, 2013, 9:43 AM


What is Tale of Kingdoms?

Tale of Kingdoms is an adventure RPG mod where you prove your worth as a King, fight evil and eventually raise your own Kingdom. The mod currently includes the starting guild, where you must prove to the Guild Master that you are worthy of ruling your Kingdom, as well as several different NPC, friendly, neutral and aggressive.



  • 1: Start with a fresh .minecraft
  • 2: Delete META-INF!!!!!
  • 3: Install Minecraft Forge
  • 4: Drag TaleOfKingdoms Mod into the mods folder
  • 5: Test if everything works!! (else start again!)
  • 6: Have fun

Side note: be patient!!! it takes a while before your world will be loaded, it has to do quite some stuff!!!



  • – Fixed up all the ticking entities, if you had a world you couldn’t get into, you should be able to do now.
    – deleted the christmas special completely!

Download Minecraft Tale Of Kingdoms Mod [1.4.7]:


Credits: aginsun

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