The Hobbit Mod [1.4.6]

Minecraft Mods — December 29, 2012, 9:32 PM


The Hobbit Mod  (2)

The Hobbit Mod  (4)

The Hobbit Mod  (1)

The Hobbit Mod  (3)

The Hobbit Mod  (5)

Hello cats_ here and to my knowladge this is the first hobbit mod released for minecraft . We put lots of effort into this mod i really hope u enjoy. Please dont flag for no images there are none beacuse modloader and forge aren’t working for me if any one has a working forge/mod loader for 1.4.6 plz email us at thank you and have a nice day :)

How to install:

  • You need ModLoader.
  • All class files from the ZIP must go into minecraft.jar
  • Don’t forget to delete META-INF

Credit to: cats_

Download Minecraft The Hobbit Mod [1.4.6]:

The Hobbit Mod 1.4.6

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