TNT Mod [1.4.4]

Minecraft Mods — November 20, 2012, 2:49 AM

What each New TNT Does


Description: Massive damage

Nuke TNT

Description: Solely for map destruction, does not spawn blocks.

Miner TNT

Description: Has a slightly increased blast radius than the TNT. Drops 100% blocks as oppose to 30%

Fire Bomb

Description: Same explosion as a TNT but sets everything on fire.


Description: Creates a small lava pool. Mass destruction via lava.



  • 1) Navigate to C:Users(InsertComputerUsername)AppDataRoaming.minecraftbin – (folder)
  • 2) Right click Minecraft.jar and select “Open With”, Choose your archive program IE: WinRAR, 7ZIP
  • 3) Once the folder is open Delete your META-INF Folder
  • 4) Move ALL .CLASS FILES and the TNTMOD(Folder) to the minecraft.jar(Folder)
  • 5) Do this same process starting at step 4 to install ModLoader
  • 6) Move to C:Users(InsertComputerUsername)AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods

This mod *Requires* Risugami’s ModLoader



  • Updated to Minecraft version 1.4.4

Download Minecraft TNT Mod [1.4.4]:


Credits: Navist

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